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We are a nation of women of all ages, and from all walks of life. We desire to make the world a kinder place for women by developing and promoting the strength and beauty within and around us, and by creating a culture of sisterhood that supports us in this endeavor. We accomplish this through: partnering with other like-minded organizations and empowering females with education, mentoring, and inspiration to live their best lives.




Coming together to unlock the

strength & beauty in every woman.


This is how we do it....


NuShu Sisters is a movement devoted to empowering girls and women through educational workshops and events to help improve and empower their lives. Our society loves to promote the "mean girl", and we are passionately devoted to bring about a change. Through these workshops and events, women learn to compliment one another rather than compete, empower rather than enslave one another to society's demands. In a world that screams, "You're not enough!" we hope to share a message that reflects on every woman that SHE IS MORE THAN ENOUGH, and loudly proclaim, "NO MORE MEAN GIRLS!"


As a non-profit organization with a 501C3 status, we welcome donations to advocate for the needs of our sisters in need around the world. We partner with like-minded organizations who empower women and help them unlock their strength and beauty. We work alongside charities and businesses to create unique NuShu products as well as funnel funds in order to help women not only across America but across the globe. 


Each woman has something unique that allows her life to sparkle and shine on the lives of those around her; our mission is to encourage her to live that out on a daily basis. We inspire girls and women to unlock their own unique strength and beauty, and to speak a language of love and encouragement to the women around her.  

                           ....and we do this locally, nationally, globally.


When you donate to NuShu sisters, you are donating to a sisterhood of women committed to bettering the quality of life for girls/women.


10% of the funds go to administration costs while 90% of the funds go to organizations and businesses around the world matching the vision and mission of the NuShu Sisters, including our charity of choice.


   once upon in a land far far away....

Silencing women and their suffering has been an age old issue that transcends into many times and lands. Women have combated their oppression in a variety of ways, but one of the most intriguing methods women have used to fight oppression is their ability to retain their voice. This was most extraordinarily expressed through the Hunan women in China.

In feudal China, women were assigned to arranged marriages, which were often abusive and brutal in nature. Small feet were a sign of beauty, so they were made to wear bindings on their feet that often compressed their feet to lengths as small as five inches making it nearly impossible to walk. Not only were they crippled physically, but they were crippled socially when they were forbidden to learn Nan Shu which was “Man’s Writing”. In order to endure these harsh and oppressive situations, a group of women calling themselves the “sworn sisters” banded together and developed their own culture and language. This unique dialect of an argued 1,200-7,000 characters called “Nu Shu” which translates into “Women’s Writing” and has been affectionately referred to as "The Language of the Heart." The language is based on traditional Chinese characters but altered with a wispy and graceful slant as only a woman can create. Nu Shu was sung, written on paper fans, or woven into cloth for more than two centuries to over a millennium. The writings, or songs were highly secretive and guarded from men but were passed on to their daughters and granddaughters. With secrecy and beauty, they shared their woes, stories, and determination to hold onto their self-respect through: music, poetry, and artful embroideries. When the melody was sung, those who could hear it came and joined in. Eventually, the men found out about the secret language but they considered it insignificant so they allowed it to survive. This shared language became a way for the women to share their burdens, avoid isolation, and prevent suicide. After the Chinese Revolution, literacy was accepted among women and Nu Shu was not needed or used. Many of the old manuscripts were destroyed due to fear of the language being discovered, a cultural tradition to burn the manuscripts on the author’s death, and the mission of the Red Guards to destroy old cultures. Today, only a handful of women can still read, sing, and understand it, but the Chinese government has agreed to preserve the ancient language, even though as few as 600-700 characters remain. In the spirit of survival as modeled from their ancestors, younger women are learning to write Nu Shu today in order to preserve its’ existence.

Here at NuShu Sisters, we are continuing the vision that these brave Sworn Sisters once held. We believe it is time for women of all ages to speak a new language of love, acceptance, and honor with themselves and towards other women they encounter; and to form a sisterhood where we share our own unique stories, full of strength and beauty and in a spirit of collaboration vs. competition.

-The Team-

Jennifer Dean-Hill: Founder & ceo

Jennifer is the visionary and creative developer of NuShu Sisters. Jennifer is a lifelong learner and teacher. She is a certified teacher who taught in three different states in three years, following her 5-year degree program at Azusa Pacific University and MSW at Walla Walla University. Jennifer loves to create, through many outlets like music, art, and writing—any expression that captures the passion of human emotion and relationships. She loves to inspire others to live their greatness and experience the awe-inspiring energy of women coming together in a positive and powerful force. As a mother, she believes in the power of nurturing our daughters to be an inspiring, powerful woman, and to teach our sons how to treat and love these women. As a therapist, she has dedicated much of her professional life to helping women get in touch with their beauty and strength they possess and to participate in their healing journey. Jennifer believes that our greatness is expressed when we as women learn to creatively express our pain without bringing more pain to ourselves, experience grace instead of shame from other women, and live balanced living with ourself, God, and others. She believes in the power of compassionate and collaborative connections and believes Nu Shu Sisters is a powerful force that will transform the culture of our world if we let it. It has been a dream that haunts her and will not let her sleep till she sees it brimming with life.

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Hannah Bottino: Design Director

Photo Dec 10, 10 52 54 PM.jpg

Hannah is from Tri-Cities, WA and is currently studying at University of the Arts London (UAL). She is in the Foundation year where she has specialized in Illustration, and will receive her Foundation Diploma of Arts in May. She plans on continuing her creative education within UAL’s Bachelors degree in Graphic Design with a specified path in illustration. 

She first got involved with NuShu Sisters when she was asked to develop a logo. The vision and the women who were the driving force behind NuShu captivated her; she was able to dive deep into what NuShu Sisters was and wanted to become and absolutely fell in love. Hannah has used her skills to develop and design the NuShu Sisters Website, and although she is still a student, she is passionate about designing for NuShu Sisters-- an organization which encourages growth and celebration of individual strengths. 

 You can take a peak at her work she's been doing this year here:

McKenna Dean-Hill: Operations/Brand Director

McKenna is a 21 year old college grad from George Fox University. She is majored in social work, and aspires to own her own business and develop a career counseling kids & teens. She is completing her masters now and will graduate in 2020. Her passion is to encourage, inspire, and support girls all over the world to be the “ultimate NuShu Sister” and to be the best they can be. In her free time, she enjoys being outdoors, wake boarding, snow skiing, playing guitar, and hangin’ with her friends. As the operations/brand director, she gets to work with our amazing partners, plan events, and design NuShu branding. She does a little bit of everything & loves it!


-N U S H U   S I S T E R S   A M B A S S A D O R S-

My name is Corina, and I am a new member of the NuShu Sisters team! As a part of this team, I now manage the NuShu Sisters twitter page. I am from Oregon City, OR and now study Exercise Science at George Fox University. I have a heart to work handicap kids later down the road after PT school! I love the idea of helping people and spreading positivity, so please go follow NuShu Sisters on twitter for weekly posts of encouragement.


For 15 years, Tess Thompson has been helping people across the Northwest achieve physical and mental health through alternative techniques as the owner and certified Holistic Health Practitioner at Bio-Energetics Wellness Center. She specializes in NAET (Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Techniques), a method that successfully eliminates allergies and sensitivities to everything from food to environmental substances.  Through this, the body is not only able to communicate the cause of its reaction, but also be retrained so that an allergic response is no longer necessary.  Since her teenage years, Tess has also been interested in self-improvement and self-realization.  She is fascinated by quantum physics and loves to learn techniques to optimize the human potential.  For the past ten years in her practice, she has been helping people recognize, overcome, and replace their limiting beliefs with positive statements through a variety of techniques.

She is passionate about helping women build a strong sense of self so they can live up to their potential and create the life they desire and deserve. She loves to see the community come together and network for a good cause. Tess has a passion to share the spirit of NuShu Sisters by showing women their own potential, and encouraging them to do the same with others. She can often be found dancing and singing around the house with her 2 beautiful daughters (much to her 14 year old’s embarrassment) and walking her 3 canine fur-babies. Check out her web site at:


Lori is the Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer, and Chief Financial Officer of a non-profit organization that’s mission is to create tomorrow’s transformation of leaders along with a legacy of love and fond memories. That’s right, she’s a mom! With almost 20 years of 24/7 experience in a position that never ends, she is an ultimately qualified consultant with successful projects underway. There is little spare time, but Lori does enjoy taking her life’s work on the road for shared adventures both domestically and abroad.

Lori has spent countless hours volunteering for schools and her community which enables her to know just what it takes to put on our NuShu Sisters events. Her expertise in running events is so helpful in bringing women together. Lori found NuShu sisters through her friend Jennifer. She loves the vision of helping all women find strength and beauty in themselves. Her passion is to be part of this sisterhood and to speak a message that allows every woman she comes in contact with to know that they are enough despite what society tells them today. 

She believes that together women can make a change. Despite her unfortunate upbringing, she has made it her life's work to break the chains that hold women down and empower herself and others to find strength within to make a difference in this world.

Sandie RAinone: PRoduct Director


Sandie resides in La Quinta, California and is an active volunteer in her community.  She has spent several years with Nordstrom in their Personal Touch departments teaching and encouraging women to look and feel their best.  She has worked with young girls in protective safe housing bringing them hope and teaching them to care for themselves.  Sandie is also fluent in sign language and has been active in deaf communities inspiring deaf & hard of hearing young women to be their best.  Now as a full time single mom with a background in sales, marketing and product design Sandie is excited to volunteer for NuShu Sisters.  When Jennifer first told Sandie about NuShu Sisters and the background propelling this great sisterhood, Sandie knew immediately she wanted to be involved!  The vision and mission of NuShu Sisters to inspire and encourage girls and women of all ages runs parallel with her heart and experience.

jake dean-hill: chief operating officer


Jake grew up in Southern California and married his college sweetheart, Jennifer (the CEO), after receiving their undergraduate degrees at Azusa Pacific University.  They have 2 grown children, McKenna & Dawson, and out of honor for one another and each other’s family, both Jake and Jenn, along with their kids incorporated each other’s last name into their own, Dean-Hill. Jake loves advocating and empowering women, and also enjoys public speaking, conducting seminars on marriage, parenting, corporate leadership and personal growth. Jake is an avid golfer and loves warm, sunny days when he can enjoy boating on the Columbia river with the family. Jake and Jenn have been married 25 years and have resided in Richland, Washington since 1994.

darren penny: chief development officer


Darren grew up in Southern California as well and comes to NuShu Sisters with a wealth of experience in the development and fundraising areas. He is married to Heather and has two wonderful kids in high school.