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We are a nation of women of all ages, and from all walks of life. We desire to make the world a kinder place for women by developing and promoting the strength and beauty within and around us, and by creating a culture of sisterhood that supports us in this endeavor. We accomplish this through: partnering with other like-minded organizations and empowering females with education, mentoring, and inspiration to live their best lives.




What IS NuShu Sisters?

Hannah Saldin


We are so excited to announce the launch of NuShu Sisters!

You're probably thinking,

"Okay, that's great, I see all the hype...

...but what in the world IS NuShu Sisters?

...and no offense but what/who/where/when is a NuShu?!"

 Well, we are here to clarify!

 NuShu Sisters isn’t some feminist, man knocking, “successful” women only group. In fact, it’s just the opposite! Our vision for NuShu Sisters is for women across the nation to rise up and rid the “mean girl” mentality all together! What an amazing sight it would be if women stopped competing with one another and started collaborating ideas, strengths, and vision! We believe that when women come together and share their innovations, strengths, and ideas, true raw beauty is emanated in every way.

However, NuShu Sisters’ roots go deeper than women simply being nice to another woman. There is a heritage of women that has inspired us to create this organization, and it goes like this…

Women in feudal China were assigned to arranged marriages, which were often extremely abusive and brutal. Small feet were a sign of beauty, so they were forced to wear bindings on their feet that often compressed their feet to lengths as small as five inches, making it nearly impossible to walk. Not only were they crippled physically, but also socially and intellectually when they were forbidden to learn Nan Shu, the language of the time, which translates, “Man’s Writing”.

In order to endure these harsh and oppressive situations, a group of women banded together and developed their own culture and language, and was used by seven female friends so close they called themselves “sworn sisters”. This unique dialect of an argued 1,200-7,000 characters was called “Nu Shu” which translates into “Women’s Writing”.

The language is based on traditional Chinese characters but altered with a wispy and graceful slant as only a woman could create. Nu Shu was sung, written on paper fans, or woven into cloth for more than two centuries to over a millennium. The writings or songs were highly secretive and guarded from men but were passed on to their daughters and granddaughters. With secrecy and beauty, they shared their woes, stories, and determination to hold onto their self-respect through music, poetry, and artful embroideries. When the melody was sung, those who could hear it came and joined in. Eventually, the men found out about the secret language but they considered it insignificant so they allowed it to survive. This shared language became a way for the women to share their burdens, avoid isolation, and prevent suicide.


Here at NuShu Sisters, we are grabbing ahold of the vision that these precious, yet brave Chinese women once held. We believe it is time for women to speak a new language of love, acceptance, and honor towards other women they encounter, in order to share their own unique stories, strength, and beauty.

Maybe you’re a mom, just trying to get breakfast on the table, kids to school on time, and the house clean. Maybe you’re a career driven businesswoman or creative decorator/artisan. Maybe, you are a high school or middle school teen who has grown tired of the “mean girl” stigma that surrounds you. Whoever you are, whatever your story, we believe it is crucial for you to be encouraged and appreciated for the very essence of who you are- a strong, beautiful woman. Every woman has a story to tell. NuShu Sisters wants to tell your story, and empower you to be the best you can be.

NuShu Sisters in an organization helping to unlock the unique strength and beauty in every woman. We do this by empowering women through workshops, retreats, and various events, as well as partnering with other organizations and businesses that are geared towards helping women.

Will you join us? Will you partner with us to speak a new language that brings women together to work collaboratively, rather than competitively?

We are NuShu Sisters, building a NuShu Nation.