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1950 Keene Rd. Bldg. H
Richland, WA, 99352
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We are a nation of women of all ages, and from all walks of life. We desire to make the world a kinder place for women by developing and promoting the strength and beauty within and around us, and by creating a culture of sisterhood that supports us in this endeavor. We accomplish this through: partnering with other like-minded organizations and empowering females with education, mentoring, and inspiration to live their best lives.

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what does it mean to be a NuShu Sister?

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A NuShu Sister:

  • SPEAKS the NuShu language of support, inspiration, and creativity with and for other women

  • PARTNERS with other women
  • WALKS in shoes that fit her best & empower her to sparkle 
  • EXPRESSES herself  & her story through creativity (writing, speaking, drawing, designing, etc.)
  • LIVES in community with other like-minded women
  • ATTENDS inspirational gatherings that promotes the strength & beauty of females
  • NURTURES herself
  • HAS FAITH in something greater than herself




The NuShu Creed:

  • NO comparing, no competing, no cheating

  • REFRAIN from hurtful behavior | LEARN how to express my pain without hurting myself or others

  • ADVOCATE for women whose strength and beauty is being exploited

  • CELEBRATE myself and others

  • CONNECT with collaboration and compassion among women

  • CREATE courageously

  • EDUCATE girls and women on how to walk in their strength & beauty | educate boys and men how to treat & empower a Nushu sister

  • INSPIRE women to use their strength and beauty to create the life they want to live

  • INVITE balanced living - spiritually, physically, and relationally

  • LIVE in love

  • PROTECT strength and beauty and that of other females

  • PARTNER with organizations and the like that empower exploited and impoverished females

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